Rotary Club of Stamford

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Guests:  Claire Freidlander
Announcements:  Alice asked for volunteers to help organize Tellabration, November 14.  Arisleyda announced that registration for UN Day on November 7th is filling up fast and there are only a few seats available.  Interact students will also be invited to a special session at UN Day.  Jamiss said the Dictionary Project will be beginning soon. Rick announced that there will be a table about the Mongolian project at UN Day and next week’s program is going to be a real treat.  Marc J announced CLC’s September 16th ribbon cutting at the old Roger’s Elementary School on Lockwood Avenue.
High 5’s:  Jamiss gave a High $5 for visiting Sedona and the Sedona Rotary Club.  Dan G. gave a High $5 for spending 6 days in Colorado and spending time with his daughter.  Luke D. gave a High $5 as a welcome back to Dori D.  Oz P gave a Tall $20 for his successful vacation with his 2 and 4 year olds.  Howard L gave a High $5 for being able to attend on a regular basis and being amongst nice people.  Dan M gave a Tall $10 for missing a meeting and for his daughter’s visit with Bob G’s.
Presentations:  Norm Peters: was presented a Paul Harris Award for receiving the Club’s award of Rotarian of the Year
                              Mike Crawford: was presented with a Paul Harris Award
General Assembly:  Clif McFeely is the Founder and Executive Director of Future 5.  After a 20 year career in advertising and volunteering with Stamford’s Big Brother program for 15 years, Clif decided it was time for a change.  He sold his Stamford based ad agency and started Future 5 in 2009.  The concept grew out of Clif’s frustration with the poor "outcomes” he observed while mentoring low-income teens in Stamford, CT. He saw an opportunity to create an organization that could provide critical help to young people through a network of positive coaching support. He graduated with a BA in political Science from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Clif currently lives in New Canaan, but considers Stamford his home away from home.
Future 5 helps motivated, low-income high school students in Stamford connect to their full potential. 
Some of Future Five's accomplishments for 2014-2015 are: 100% high school graduation rate and 92% of graduating seniors are committed to college or career training.  Future 5 has a 25% student membership growth and has logged 580 community service hours completed this past school year. With an expanding volunteer base there are currently 60 active coaches and tutors.  Future 5 has helped to secure $450,000 in scholarship funding and they have fundraised $484,000.
Next week’s program for September 8: Yoni Rabino (local beer and brandy manufacturer)